How to create website using wordpress?

How to create website using wordpress?

In this course you will learn step by step how to create a beautiful website. Today our focus is to install wordpress using best hosting company. To buy the web hosting you can click on the link given in the banner. Once you have a webhosting you will able to create your website and store files to run website smoothly.

Our recommendation goes with Bluehost that is one of the largest website hosting providers and powers millions of websites. This is a great platform to learn the skills to develop your own website without having prior knowledge of coding. We will go step by step to make your website live. In order to run the course properly the first step is to purchase domain and hosting.

Platform For India

Platform For Outside India

Steps to Installation of WordPress

  1. Start your website with the purchase of web hosting plan with best company having best customer service. Our recommendation goes with Bluehost for 24*7 customer support with free domain and free SSL certificate. 

2.  Once you click on the link above you will reach on this page below:

How to create website

3.  Click on choose plan

How to create website

4. Select from any of these plans but our recommendation is to choose basic plan if you are a starter other wise you can choose as per your requirement. You will get many benefits on registration like: 50 GB storage, 100+ wordpress themes, free SSL certificate, free speed boosting CDN (save rs 4499/yr), free Bluehost SEO tools (save rs 4299/yr) and best part is quality customer support.

5. Choose your domain name for eg. in my case. Domain name should match to your business personality and purpose. If you already own a domain name and want to transfer than take the help of customer support they will guide you how to transfer. Trust me it is very easy as I have already made the transfer of my domain without any difficulty.

How to create website

6. Fill your information and make payment using payment gateways and you are done. Welcome to new world of creating passive income for you through blogging,  peruse your passion or publicity of your business. Next tutorial will be the setup of your website & tools that are essential for running of the website smoothly. We will teach you step by step how to create website? 

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