Chemspec Chemicals IPO Review I Let’s understand Company Profile

Chemspec Chemicals IPO Review I Let’s understand Company Profile

Vision of the company

Before starting the Chemspec Chemicals IPO review, it is very important to understand company’s profile and its vision. This will help us to know the company’s long term objective and its survival.  Let’s understand vision of the company

” To become a leader in manufacturing of Personal care/ Soap & Detergents in India.

To provide cost effective ingredients of Personal care/ Soap & Detergents and Pharma.

To achieve maximum customer satisfaction” 

Mission of the company

” To become a leader in personal care & intermediates of bulk drugs by introducing various products to global market” 


The company has established its operation in 1978 and producing personal care ingredients for skin and hair care. These are ultraviolent (UV) absorber that will protect skin and hair damage directly from sun rays. The company has established itself as largest manufacturer of fungal infection treatment in India. Not only this, the company is holding 70% global market share in anti-bacterial ingredient.    

Today company has well established foot print around the world and having global distribution in around 43 countries like America, Europe, Japan, Middle East & Africa. 


IN FY2021, company’s revenue stood at Rs. 505.91 crore as compared to 596.61 crore in previous year. Net profit at Rs 81.08 crore compared to 60.75 crore in FY20. Since it is a private company at present not much data is available in public

Future outlook

UV Absorbers Market size is expected to reach $1056.27 Million by 2025, with a CAGR of 6.1% during 2020-2025. Following points will be some of reasons that will boost the future outlook for the sector: 

  • High exposure to ultra violent rays can develop melanoma cancer. American Cancer Society’s estimates in United States alone about 116,110 new melanoma cancer will get diagnosed and 7180 people will die of this disease. Your company is one of the participant in this segment. Rising awareness will demand UV ingredient and boost sales.
  • The growing demand of UV absorbers in Qatar for 2022 FIFA World cup. This will further boost the demand for the products.
  • Rise in awareness on UV absorbers will further enhance the demand.

Chemspec Chemicals IPO: Invest or Not

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How to invest ?

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