Amara Raja Batteries NSE Scripts 7 Points You Can’t Ignore

Amara Raja Batteries NSE Scripts 7 Points You Can’t Ignore

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History of Amara Raja Batteries NSE Script

Amara Raja Batteries is a flagship company for Amara Raja Group, is among the top largest lead-acid batteries manufacturer for Industrial and Automotive industry.  The company is operating in 32 countries with more than 14000 employees with diverse background. 

It started in the year 1985 under the leadership of  Dr Ramachandra N Galla, a visionary with an inner desire to do something for the development of Chittoor district. The company is second largest batteries manufacturer in the country providing batteries to Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Hyundai Motors India Limited, Ford India Limited, Tata Motors Limited, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, Honda Cars India Limited, Renault Nissan, Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India Private Limited, Royal Enfield, Bajaj Auto Ltd. and many other prominent companies.

Its batteries are preferred choice for UPS sector (OEM & Replacement), Telecom sector, Indian Railways and Power, Oil& Gas sector and many more sectors.

Amara Raja Batteries NSE Script Products

Amara Raja Batteries is among the top leading manufacturer of Automotive & Industrial Batteries and providing solution under the brands Amaron, PowerZone, PowerStack, Amaron Volt, Amaron Sleek, Amaron Brute and Amaron Quanta  . The company has over 30000 distribution network spread over the whole world.

Amara Batteries Share Price


Amara Raja Batteries Share Price
Amara Raja Batteries Share Price

Amara Raja Batteries Growth Opportunities

  1. The Union Government is trying  to focus on increasing the Electrical Vehicles (EVs) in the country. Indian E-rikshaw market has seen significant growth on rising environment awareness, government initiatives and stringent regulations to curb the environment degradation. They require batteries to store the power for plying on the road. A recent study reveals that 98% of these autos are using lead acid batteries in the country. By FY 2025, these E-rikshaws numbers will increase from 0.4million in FY2019 to 1 million units.
  2. By 2040, more than half of all new car sales in the world and a third of the planet’s automobile fleet- equal to 559 million vehicles – will be electric, according to a global outlook published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). It expects EVs to comprise 7% of vehicle sales in India by 2030 and 27% in 2040. All this require batteries and lead acid batteries are benefitted the most.
  3. The Indian lead acid battery market is at present $5 billion in FY20 and expected to grow at 5-7% CAGR based upon rising demand and recovery of Automotive sector. In March 2021, Passenger vehicles sales rose by 127% YOY,  Two  wheelers sales declined by 35.25% YOY and Commercial vehicles declined by 42.20% YOY.  No doubt, still two wheelers and CVs are facing slowdown which will eventually subside with improving pandemic crisis. Still cases are rising at fast rate and imposition of lockdown in States are getting louder. The vaccination derive will improve the situation and result in corona free world.
  4. In recent study, Future Market insights reported the Global Lead Acid Battery market is pegged to surpass a value pool of $116.6 bn by 2030. The report claims that stationery energy storage has enormous near term potential. Business such as battery manufacturers, grid operators are set to establish collaborative relationships with solar power developers and energy service companies.
  5. India’s UPS market size is around $1 billion and it is expected to rise because of digital transformation sweeping through the country.
  6. The government’s earlier Renewable Energy(RE) targets of 175 GW which was enhanced to 450 GW by 2030 as announced by Hon’ble Prime Minister will significantly drive the demand for energy storage systems in India.
  7. Unlike develop nations, Fork Lifts/pallet Trucks in India has little demand as of now. But it will set to rise because of increasing productivity of the companies. It is significant low in India at approximately 10 lift trucks per million as against 273 in China and 693 in North America. The adoption of electric vehicles for Fork Truck are set to rise due to cost advantage over deiseal Fork Truck. Amara Raja Battery benefit because these trucks use motive power batteries and company is one of the leading player in this space too.          

Amara Raja Batteries Share Price History

During 1st July 2002, share price of Amara Raja Batteries Share Price was merely at Rs. 5.72 (adjusted for dividend and stock split). On 9th April 2021, the stock closed at Rs. 816.05 (adjusted for dividend and stock split). The investors who have remained invested during the period earned a return of 14166.61% on their investment.

Had some body  invested Rs 10000 at that time in this stock. Can you imagine what will be today’s value? We provide you the solution and it will be Rs.1426661 . What are you waiting for? If you still not opened demat account or you are paying high brokerage than we have right solution for you.

Amara Raja Batteries Share Price Dividend History

09-08-2005Rs 0.1
30-07-2014Rs 3.2
28-07-2017Rs 4.3
03-08-2012Rs 1.9
21-11-2019Rs 6.0
05-08-2008Rs 0.2
02-08-2011Rs 1.3
25-02-2021Rs 5.0
22-03-2016Rs 4.3
05-08-2004Rs 0.1
20-11-2017Rs 2.0
19-03-2020Rs 5.0
20-11-2018Rs 2.0
01-08-2006Rs 0.2
31-07-2007Rs 0.2
21-07-2009Rs 0.4
20-07-2010Rs 1.5
11-07-2019Rs 5.1
06-08-2013Rs 2.5
28-01-2011Rs 1.0
06-08-2015Rs 3.6
02-08-2018Rs 2.2
03-08-2018Rs 2.2

Amara Raja Batteries Share Price Split History

DateStock Splits

How to invest ?

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