Infosys ltd Share Price Introduction

Infosys started in the year 1981 at Pune (India) with 7 promoters with technology background.  They have good experience of coding and were together working in Patni Computer System (PCS).  At that time, Indian IT services demand started increasing. Seeing this opportunity they all quit their jobs and started the company.  These promoters are:

  1. Mr. Narayana Murthy
  2. Mr. Nandan Nilekani
  3. Mr. Senapathy Gopalakrishnan
  4. Mr. S. D. Shibulal
  5. N. S. Raghavan
  6. K.Dinesh
  7. Ashok Arora

The initial capital of the company is merely Rs 10000 contributed only by Mr. Narayana Murthy borrowed from her wife and his room became the first office of Infosys.  

Initial Struggles of Infosys ltd Share Price

  • The biggest problem at that time was hostile government policies before liberalization that was making doing business difficult in India. It took nearly two years to import a computer and one year for establishing a telephone.
  • A major set back faced by the company in the year 1989 was break up of Joint Venture between Infosys and Kurl Salmon Associates. This joint venture made Infosys a known company in US market and now brought the company into crisis. During this time, Mr. Ashok Arora (Co-Founder) left the company. 
  • Mr. Narayana Murthi asked other co-founders about their willingness to work for the company or they can leave the company if they wish.

How Infosys started getting profitable?

The Indian economy was liberalized in the Year 1991 and this was the start of success story of Infosys. Slowly and steadily profits started to increase because of free trades with other nations. During 1993 the company issued Initial Public Offering (IPO) to raise fresh money for the development of the Infosys. This IPO got undersubscribed and Morgan Stanley saved the IPO by subscribing 13% of the issued capital. At that time, company has 200 employees and $5 million revenue. Thereafter revenue kept on increasing reached $100 million in the year 1999, $1 Billion in the Year 2004, $10 Billion in 2017 and reached $21 Billion in 2020.  Presently more than 2 lakh employees work at Infosys. 

It is also listed on Nasdaq (American Stock Exchange)  by issuing American Depository Receipt (ADR). In India, Infosys became the first company to issue Employee Stocks Ownership Plan (ESOP).  


Infosys Share Price History

During 1st Jan 1996, Indian share price of Infosys was merely at Rs. 0.55 (adjusted for dividend and stock split). On 1st April 2021, the stock closed at Rs.1385.2 (adjusted for dividend and stock split). The investors who have remained invested during the period earned a return of 249300.44% on their investment.

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Technical Analysis of Stocks

Infosys share dividend history

DateDividends Per Share
30-04-1996Rs 0.0068
28-10-1996Rs 0.0029
23-05-1997Rs 0.0078
17-12-1997Rs 0.0059
30-04-1998Rs 0.0176
12-11-1998Rs 0.0098
20-05-1999Rs 0.0391
28-10-1999Rs 0.0234
28-04-2000Rs 0.0469
25-10-2000Rs 0.0391
27-04-2001Rs 0.1172
18-10-2001Rs 0.1172
21-05-2002Rs 0.1953
30-10-2002Rs 0.1953
28-05-2003Rs 0.2266
16-10-2003Rs 0.2266
26-05-2004Rs 1.5625
18-10-2004Rs 0.3125
01-06-2005Rs 0.4063
17-10-2005Rs 0.4063
25-05-2006Rs 2.4063
19-10-2006Rs 0.6250
06-06-2007Rs 0.8125
18-10-2007Rs 0.7500
29-05-2008Rs 3.4063
16-10-2008Rs 1.2500
04-06-2009Rs 1.6875
15-10-2009Rs 1.2500
26-05-2010Rs 1.8750
21-10-2010Rs 3.7500
26-05-2011Rs 2.5000
20-10-2011Rs 1.8750
24-05-2012Rs 1.2500
18-10-2012Rs 1.8750
30-05-2013Rs 3.3750
17-10-2013Rs 2.5000
29-05-2014Rs 5.3750
16-10-2014Rs 3.7500
15-06-2015Rs 7.3750
16-10-2015Rs 5.0000
09-06-2016Rs 7.1250
21-10-2016Rs 5.5000
01-06-2017Rs 7.3750
31-10-2017Rs 6.5000
14-06-2018Rs 5.0000
25-10-2018Rs 7.0000
24-01-2019Rs 4.0000
13-06-2019Rs 10.5000
22-10-2019Rs 8.0000
23-10-2019Rs 8.0000
29-05-2020Rs 9.5000
23-10-2020Rs 12.0000

Infosys Share Split


DateStock Splits

Infosys Share Split