7 Most Important Points Before Kotak Small Cap Fund Investment

7 Most Important Points Before Kotak Small Cap Fund Investment

Objective of Kotak Small Cap Fund

Kotak Small Cap Fund is an open ended scheme that invest predominantly in small cap companies across different sectors that are part of Nifty small cap  100 TRI index. The scheme is managed by Mr. Pankaj Tiberwal with Rs. 4293.58 cr asset under management (AUM). The scheme has offered a return of 21.17% since inception (24.02.2005). This shows how brilliant the fund performance. 

Investment Strategy of Kotak Small Cap Fund

Following factors are being considered while selecting the stock for the portfolio by the Fund Manager:

  • Companies with proven products and services.
  • Companies that are growing above average growth rate and has a sustainable business model.
  • Stocks that are under priced from right price called as value investing.
  • Companies that are in growth stage in their life cycle. 

Minimum Application Amount of Kotak Small Cap Fund

  • Minimum intital purchase of Rs 5000 and in multiple of Rs 1 thereafter for one time investment.
  • Additional purchase of Rs 1000 and in multiple of Rs 1 therafter.
  • SIP purchase can start with Rs 100. Subject to a minimum 10 SIP investments.

Fund Manager Profile

Mr. Pankaj Tiberwal is a commerce graduate from St. Xavier’s College and done Master in Finance from Manchester University. He has over 13 years of fund management experience and is managing the scheme since January 21,2010. Prior to this company, Pankaj has worked with Principal PNB Asset Management company.

Inorder to make you aware about the scheme we have a YouTube video to explain how fund has performed across time frames. So we advise you to watch this video and learn about the scheme.   

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