Wall Street trims its gain on unemployment data and rising corona virus cases

Let’s explore the reason for paring gains on Wall Street.

  • Higher than expected unemployment data disappointed Wall Street.
  • Surging corona virus cases with California reported its largest ever cases dampened the investors sentiments.
  • China decision to close parts of Beijing highlights rising corona virus cases.
  • Stocks in Wall street ends in mix territory in which Dow lost 39.31 points, S&P closed positively with 1.85 points gain and Nasdaq closed with gain of 32.52 points.
  • China returned the ten missing Army personnel to India after there was meeting among Generals of both side.
  • Asian markets are trading with mix biased this morning.
  • SGX Nifty is in negative note this morning.

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Why Wall Street Stocks falls in last session of trading?

  • Around 1.5 million Americans have filled for unemployment claim disappointed the Street. There was expectation that total unemployment claim would be near 1.3 million. Showing a sign of struggling U.S. economy from this pandemic.
  • Several states in United States are fighting with rising corona virus cases. Arizona experienced highest number of cases in last few days followed by Texas where there is a sudden spike in hospitalization rate. California also reported the highest ever cases. These are not good for the economy at large.
  • A sudden surged in corona virus cases in U.S. puts investors cautious. The fear of second wave of infection is getting louder. This resulted in paring of gains in U.S. stocks.
  • China decision to close parts of Beijing highlights rising corona virus cases. This shows all is not well in China and more negative news is expected.

US Markets

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average decreased by 39.51 points, or 0.15%, close at 26,080.10.
  • The S&P 500 gained by 1.85 points, or 0.059%, ends at 3,115.34.
  • Nasdaq Composite Index surged by 32.52 points, or 0.33%, close at 9,943.05.

Asian Markets This Morning

IndicesCurrent ValuePrev. Close% Change
Nikkei 22522,418.7922355.46 0.28%
Straits Times2,651.232665.66-0.54%
Hang Seng  24,494.8424464.94 0.12%
Taiwan Weighted11,559.1611548.33 0.09%
Shanghai Composite2,938.792939.32-0.02%
SGX Nifty10,052.5010033.50 0.19%
Time of data collection: 7:18 A.M

Nifty Outlook

  • SGX Nifty is suggesting a positive start with rise of 0.19% at present time (7.18 a.m.). Indian Markets will start at around 10050 level. Asian markets are trading mix this morning.
  • Today Nifty has high probability of trading with positive bias. We recommend you to trade in Nifty future and expect target of 10120 to 10150 upside and stop loss 9950.

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