SBI Focused Equity Fund #  5 Factors why to invest?

SBI Focused Equity Fund # 5 Factors why to invest?

SBI Focused Fund History

SBI Focused equity fund is old mutual fund scheme with launch date 11th October 2004 and 14,253 crore asset under management (AUM). It is an open ended scheme with S&P BSE 500 total return index (TRI) as benchmark. The scheme has offered a return of 19.38% since inception and that shows how brilliant the fund performance.

All the above stats are based upon 23.04.2021 data available at AMFI website and investors are advised to look on current stats for making decision to invest.

SBI Focused Equity Fund a Flexicap scheme

The best part of the fund is its area of investment across market capitalization (Large, Mid and Small Cap). That is why scheme is called as flexicap due to flexibilty to move among market capitalization. The objective of the scheme is to generate long term capital appreciation with an equity or equity related portfolio of equal to or less than 30 shares spread among different market capitalization.
Inorder to make you aware about the scheme we have a YouTube video to explain how fund has performed across time frames. So we advise you to watch this video and learn about the scheme. 

Start Your Investment

You have a dedicated video to decide about the fund. Incase you like the fund we have a link for you to start the investment from company website.

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