Nifty can test 7900 level in near future

This is the fastest fall in the history of the stock market in last 30 days in which Nifty has lost around 4000 point. In percentage term, it has lost 33% from its all time high of 12400 level in January 2020.


No body has expected this kind of price damage. Covid-19 has blocked all the economic activities around the world resulting into deep economic crisis. Looking at the chart, one can see a waterfall like price erosion in the Nifty chart.


India Vix, which suggest volatility has moved at 64 level on 18 March 2020 from 25 level on 2 March 2020. It is important parameter in the stock trading, as it suggest the kind of volatility an indices can show in short time. Higher the India Vix higher will be fear factor.

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