Asian Markets are trading green on Tuesday on news of corona vaccine.

Let's explore the reason for Surging Asian markets

  •  Astrazeneca & Synairgen both companies are reporting positive outcome of their corona vaccine during the trial lifted US stocks.
  • Already the world is in grip of negative news and any positive development will lift the market sentiments.
  • S&P Indices in US market turned positive for the year and this is great recovery.    
  • Asian markets are trading high on Tuesday. (7.37 A.M.)
  • SGX Nifty is in positive note this morning. (7.37 A.M.)

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Why Asian Markets are trading in green?

  • US markets indices Nasdaq hitting new highs every day and now S&P 500 has turned positive for the year is key positive development for Asian Markets and that is why stocks are trading in positive territory this morning. 
  • Many companies are working on corona vaccine and are showing positive outcome during trials. Yesterday Astrazeneca & Synairgen both these companies have come out with positive report that their vaccine are showing positive sign  in curing patients.
  • Silver line for the market that sooner the Trump administration will issue further stimulus package to support the economy from unemployment. This is positive development and that is why Asian markets are trading positively this morning.
  • A key risk to equity is worsening US & China relationship. US is planning to put travel ban on all members of Chinese Communist Party.

US Markets

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average rises by  8.92 points, or 0.033%, close at 26,680.87.
  • The S&P 500 increased by 27.11 points, or 0.84%, ends at 3,251.84.
  • Nasdaq Composite Index rose by 263.90 points, or 2.51%, close at 10767.09. 

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